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Eliminating Termites from Your Home

While diminutive in size, termites are some of the most dangerous creatures to not only your personal home, but to the entire neighborhood. In the United States alone, termites create over five billion dollars’ worth of damage—in just a single year. Unfortunately, there is no relief from termites unless you obtain immediate extermination. They will chomp down your house, no matter the season, so there is no way to “wait out” the problem. Waiting will only increase the damage done to your house, which is why immediate termite control is essential to saving your home. You can rely on the pest control team at Miss Phoebe's Pest & Termite Control to rescue your house before it has all been digested. We built our stellar reputation on eliminating termites in homes and businesses throughout Dallas and surrounding areas, and our local, experienced, and highly trained family is here to help you.

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Are Termites Common in Dallas?

Termite Infestation

​Unfortunately, termite infestations are incredibly common here in Dallas. The most common kinds of termites in the Dallas area include formosan termites, drywood termites, and eastern subterranean termites. All of them are voracious eaters of wood, and they won't think twice before making your home's support beams, walls, and floors their next meal.

For more information on termites, be sure to read our termite FAQ.

Termite FAQ

Signs of a Termite Infestation

It is very important to begin recognizing the initial signs of termite presence so you can get rid of a full infestation before they take control of your home.

Some of the warning signs of termite problems include:

  • Tiny holes the size of a pin located in wood and drywall
  • Wooden structures which have a hollow echo whenever they are knocked
  • Paint that seems to keep peeling, or marks that resemble water damage even though there has not been rain recently
  • Laminate floorboards and wooden boards which come loose or buckle
  • Constantly stained or discolored wallpaper and wood panels
  • Loosened tiles due to the extra moisture caused by termites
  • Suddenly squeaky floors or walls

What Attracts Termites to a Property?

Termites build colonies near food sources. If you have a termite infestation on your property, it means that your home or business serves as a food source to these pests. Generally, termites like to build their colonies is moist places or locations where the wood is rotting. Thus, it's important to ensure that any wood on your property is properly maintained.

You can help prevent a termite infestation by removing the following from your property:

  • Piles of wood: Any pile of wood, whether it's firewood or materials for something else, needs to be stacked 5 inches off the ground and 20 feet away from your home. Because termites eat wood, the wood pile will attract termites, who will then migrate to your home and cause great damage.
  • Excess foliage: Dead trees and stumps rot, and the rotting wood will attract termites.
  • Tree limbs and leaves: If you have any trees with limbs or branches that touch your roof, our Dallas termite control experts recommend that you trim them. These limbs and branches will give termites a direct pathway from the ground to your property.
  • Mulch: Because termites are attracted to moisture, the wood chips in mulch that retain water are a major source of attraction for termites. Dampwood termites are especially attracted to mulch. Therefore, it's important that you keep any mulch at least 15 feet from your property.
  • Clogged gutters: As leaves and twigs build up within your gutters, they retain moisture which can cause your roof to soften or rot. These damaged areas of your roof make it easier for termites to enter your property and feed on the wood. Make sure your regularly get your gutters cleaned to prevent a termite infestation.

Termite Treatment Options

There are a number of types of termite treatment plans you can consider, and our team will help you decide which options are best for you. Two of the most popular include liquid termite treatments and bait and monitoring treatments.

We only use the best of the best for termite control, and proudly use Termidor® and Trelona® solutions. Miss Phoebe's Pest & Termite Control uses an advanced bait and monitoring method that is monitored quarterly to protect your space. In spots that are particularly likely to attract termites, we can put a "monitoring station" to identify whether termites are accumulating. Once it has been evident which spots have the most activity of termites, the monitors are then exchanged with bait treatments. These bait traps do not activate immediately, allowing termites to first ingest the treatment and give it to other termites, before destroying both groups. This helps diminish the deeper underground colony. Offering personalized solutions means we can tackle any infestation, no matter how big or small. We work diligently to keep our neighborhood safe and comfortable, which is why we also offer green treatment options for anyone who is sensitive to chemicals.

Can I Spray for Termites Myself?

Wondering whether professional termite pest control is worth it? Trust us, you don't want to test it out with your most important investment (your home) on the line. Termites can cause thousands and thousands of dollars worth of serious damage to your home's foundation and structure, and your homeowner's insurance likely will not cover this type of damage. There are some things that it's okay to DIY, but getting rid of termites absolutely isn't one of them.

Don’t trust the safety of your home to ineffective, store-bought treatments. Instead, put your home in the hands of our industry-leading and experienced exterminators. We work hard to not only rid your home of termites, but keep termites from returning.

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    - Tom - Coppell, TX

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