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No one wants fleas or ticks in or around their home or business. Miss Phoebe's Pest & Termite Control knows this, and it is why our technicians are trained and experienced in the biology and control of fleas and ticks. Many times, fleas can be brought in due to a pet; however, even without pets, homes and businesses can have fleas. Ticks are excellent hitchhikers and are typically “brought” inside. Both insects can have serious impacts on the health of people and pets.

In Dallas, fleas impact thousands of homes and businesses every year. There are many products available at big box stores; however, veterinarians (if you have pets) and expert Dallas pest control specialists are typically the best options when it comes to ridding your home or business fleas. Our Dallas flea extermination experts will inspect your home or business to determine the best course of action and we offer personalized solutions to ensure a flea and tick free environment.

If you are noticing fleas or ticks in or around your Dallas home, call us today at 214-225-1421 to set up a free inspection!

Why Are There Fleas Inside of my Home or Business?

A pet can bring delight, love, and frolic into your life. It also may bring in some other things that are less welcome. Fleas can create a big annoyance for pet owners. A bad flea infestation can quickly cover both your pet and your house. The longer you wait to fight back, the bigger the problem grows.

Fleas can also be brought into any structure via rodents or wildlife that have made their way into your home. If this is the case, a wildlife exclusion may be necessary. Our professional Dallas flea control services as well as our rodent removal services may be necessary depending on what is discovered during the inspection.

What is a flea?

Fleas are small, hard-bodied wingless insects with a flattened body and legs adapted for jumping on to a host. Humans are often attacked when other food sources aren't available. Their bite leaves a red, itchy spot on the skin. Their saliva is irritating to the host, causing dermatitis and hair loss in allergic animals.

What happens if fleas infest my home?

A bad flea infestation can quickly cover both your household pet and your home. The longer the pet's owner waits to fight back, the bigger the problem grows. A single female flea will continue laying eggs, at the rate of a few each day, until she has deposited several hundred. These eggs will hatch in something between two days and three weeks, depending upon temperature and humidity.

How Do You Control Fleas?

Flea control begins with treatment to all infested areas with a residual pesticide that includes a growth regulator inside the home and a complete lawn treatment outside. Generally, lawn treatments done early enough in the season are enough as long as control continues on the inside of the home. The pet should be treated regularly either with powders, sprays, or a treatment recommended by your vet. While "dips" are effective for overall treatment at once, maintaining a constant control on the pet is best. We recommend a veterinarian prescribed treatment, such as Frontline® for the most effective prevention and control.

Flea Control Preparation:

  • Pick up items on the floor so we can treat as much of the floor as possible.
  • Remove items from under the beds and place them on the bed, especially if your pet(s) spend any time there.
  • Remove items stored on the floor around refrigerators, freezers, and stove so we can treat that area.
  • Pick up any washable throw rugs and pet bedding and wash it in hot water; leave in washing machine or dryer until after our treatment.
  • Vacuum all floors before we arrive, including wood or floor tiles. Change or empty bag into a plastic bag and discard outside.
  • Arrange to have vet treat pets or get a vet-prescribed monthly flea control product (Frontline, Revolution, etc.).
  • Remove or cover fish tanks and turn off pumps.
  • Any other pets, especially birds or reptiles, will need to be removed for at least 3 hours.

After Flea Control Treatment:

  • Leave the house for 3 hours.
  • Vacuum the next day and at least every other day for 7 to 14 days. Throw away or empty bag daily and discard outside. Why? Vacuuming is especially important because it brings the fleas out into the treated areas.
  • If necessary, we will repeat the treatment after 2-3 weeks. This will depend on whether you are still having a flea problem.
  • Repeat steps listed above before 2nd treatment.

Flea Prevention

Fleas and their eggs can lay dormant for up to a year. Fleas hide in carpets and cracks and crevices in hard surface floors until they sense vibrations from you or your pets moving. The fleas start hopping around so they can attach to a warm-blooded animal for a blood meal. Therefore, vacuuming is an important part of your treatment. The vacuum and vibration created stimulates fleas into "action". Always empty the contents of your vacuum outside of your home when vacuuming with fleas inside.

Treating pets with a veterinarian prescribed flea control product is extremely helpful in the prevention of a flea infestation. If you are just starting your pet on a monthly flea treatment it can take up to 3 weeks to see results. It is important to note that veterinarian prescribed flea treatments are designed for prevention of a flea infestation, not immediate control.

Dallas Tick Control Specialists

Outdoor tick control treatments typically consist of specialized yard services for your lawn. An indoor infestation is usually the result of ticks being brought into the house by pets or on clothing. In this case, you're probably dealing with an infestation of the brown dog tick or the American dog tick. Both of these types of ticks multiply rapidly; the female of either variety may lay anywhere from 5,000 to 8,000 eggs.

Below is more information on some of the most common ticks in our area:

American Dog Tick

American Dog Tick

This tick is one of the most prevalent tick pests in the Eastern United States. Adults are about 1/4" long, and the shield has variable white markings. The larvae and nymphs prefer to feed on mice. Adults prefer dogs and other large animals.

Brown Dog Tick

Brown Dog Tick

This is one of the most common pests of dogs. Adults are 3/16" long and are uniformly reddish-brown. All stages prefer to feed on dogs. This tick is prevalent in houses and kennels. Except in tropical climates, this tick needs indoor warmth and shelter to live out its life cycle. The female lays its eggs in crevices, behind baseboards, under the edge of carpets or in similar hiding places.

Gulf Coast Tick

Gulf Coast Tick

They are very prevalent in the Southeastern United States. The sexes are very different in appearance. The immature stages feed on ground-dwelling birds. Adults attach primarily to the ears of large animals such as deer and cattle.

Lone Star Tick

Lone Star Tick

This tick is one of the most common ticks on humans and it has prevented the development of some areas. The female has a silvery spot on the dorsal shield. Its long mouthparts allow deep penetration of the skin, often causing pus sores.

Black Legged Tick

Deer Tick / Black-Legged Tick

Also known as a Deer Tick, they are widespread in the Southeastern United States and often are found along trails, paths, and roadways. Adult ticks are dark reddish-brown with dark-brown to black legs. Deer ticks are the primary (and possibly the only) known transmitters of true Lyme disease in the United States.

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