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Miss Phoebe's Pest & Termite Control provides a comprehensive range of pest control solutions to homeowners in Dallas and beyond. Our customized treatments are designed to get your pest problems resolved quickly and safely. We have been committed to serving our community for almost 60 years, and we use our years of experience, unique and effective products, and tried and true methods, to ensure our neighbors stay pest-free all year round. Our family-owned business is here to give your family peace of mind at home.

Got a pest problem? Contact our trusted Dallas exterminators at (214) 225-1421 for a free inspection.

Proven Pest Solutions for DFW-Area Homes

Your home is meant to be a place of comfort and solitude. Pest problems can bring an end to that peace and serenity in a hurry. Fortunately, Miss Phoebe's Pest & Termite Control is here to eliminate even the most severe pest infestations.

Some of our most popular residential pest control services include:

  • Termite Control – Termites can cause a significant amount of damage to the structure of your house, as well as other types of property, such as furniture, carpeting, and books. Our termite treatment begins with a thorough structural inspection and after identifying all the areas the termites are located, we will implement a customized treatment plan to rid your property of them for good.
  • Bed Bug Control – Although parents tease their children with the expression “Don’t let the bed bugs bite,” it can be a horrifying experience to discover an actual infestation of bed bugs. While these nasty critters are difficult to eradicate, Miss Phoebe's Pest & Termite Control can deliver a treatment that successfully eliminates them and prevents them from coming back.
  • Rodent Control – If you hear rumbling in your walls or attic in the middle of the night, you’ve likely got a rodent problem. Mice and rats can cause serious property damage and are known for spreading disease. Our highly trained technicians are here to design a rodent treatment plan that is affordable and effective.
  • Mosquito Control – If you can't enjoy being out in your yard during the summer because of mosquitos, we can help! When traditional mosquito sprays aren't working, or you are concerned about the health effects of such chemicals (and rightly so), turn to us for a customized treatment that is proven to reduce mosquito populations by up to 98%.
  • Wasp & Bee Control – Stinging pests like wasps, hornets, and bees are a huge nuisance that can be aggressive and difficult to control. Because their stings can also be painful or even cause severe allergic reactions, it's extremely important to call in a professional to deal with an infestation. Never try to relocate a nest yourself!
  • Spider Control – Have a spider problem? Our exterminators in Dallas can eliminate all of the most common arachnids found in our area, including wolf spiders, black widows, brown recluses, and even scorpions. For a thorough inspection and removal service, don't hesitate to contact us today.
  • Flea & Tick Control – Although tiny in size, fleas and ticks can be an enormous pain. Using proven methods, Miss Phoebe's Pest & Termite Control can help you take back your property from these proliferate pests and ensure that your space is a healthy one for your family, guests, and pets.
  • Ant Control – Ant infestations are among the most common yet troublesome pest problems the Dallas area sees. Luckily, Miss Phoebe's Pest & Termite Control is the local expert you can count on to eliminate carpenter ants, fire ants, and more and keep them from coming back.
  • Cockroach Control – Cockroaches are some of the most reviled insects there are, and for good reason: in addition to multiplying rapidly, they can often spread diseases and even trigger allergies and asthma in sensitive groups. Our experts can quickly determine the type of roach that has invaded your property and apply the correct treatment to eliminate the problem.
  • General Pest Control Program – Miss Phoebe's Pest & Termite Control offers a General Pest Control Program to keep your home free of the most common pests year-round. By taking a series of proactive steps once every three months, we can prevent infestations of a variety of insects, such as roaches, fire ants, rover ants, crickets, millipedes, pillbugs, and more. We also perform reactive treatments for pests that have already started to accumulate inside or around your house.

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If your home has been invaded by unwelcome creatures, don’t delay in seeking immediate help from our local, experienced, and highly trained Dallas exterminators. Miss Phoebe's Pest & Termite Control will provide you with a treatment plan that is guaranteed to satisfy or your money back.

For the most effective home pest solutions, contact (214) 225-1421 today. Customer satisfaction is our priority!

5 Star Reviews

  • “He patiently answered my questions and addressed my concerns.”

    - Elizabeth - Dallas, TX
  • “Josh did a great job on the inspection; Was very respectful of me and my home.”

    - Mindy - Richardson, TX
  • “Our technician was very professional and meticulous as he searched for any sign of termites, which I am happy to report he couldn't find!”

    - Tom - Coppell, TX

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  • Family-Owned Company

    We are proud to be locally owned and family operated, serving customers across three generations.

  • Longevity & Experience

    Our technicians are licensed and fully trained to provide the best pest solutions.

  • Safe Products

    Our treatments are both kid and pet friendly, providing you with peace of mind.

  • A+ Rating Since 1965

    We are proud to be accredited with the Better Business Bureau and hold an A+ rating.

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